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What size wood beam to span 30 ft

What size beam do you need to span 30 ft and support the attic storage above it? A 90 lb load per sq. ft. refers to an area. To calculate the stresses on beams supporting an area you have to know the spacing between adjacent beams as well as the span. p.s. This qn when fixed belongs in mechanical.

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For example, a common steel beam has an allowable span-to-depth ratio of about 20. This means that, for every 20 feet of horizontal span, the beam can be no more than 1 foot deep. Therefore, a beam that is 40 feet long would need to be no more than 2 feet deep in order to span the distance without support. However, it is always best to check.

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Check our Ocala boats for sale for daily deals on pontoon boats, bass boats, sailboats , cruisers, boat trailers and more. Post your free boat classified today and get it sold quick! ... chain or rope 12v S.S. Windlass for 30 to 45 ft . boat.

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30-foot load-bearing beam based upon an unclear, 3-sentence description of the house?That said, thee are a *Ralph,Bear in mind that I am not offering engineering advice...A steel beam to span this distance A glue lam is not going to work for that size span. Everyone of these responses are right.

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0 lb per ft American Standard I beam will support a 3800 lb concentrated at a 10 ft span given a 24,000 psi max fiber stress resulting in a 0 The ratio of the slab thickness to the total beam depth For a 6‐ft (1 my shop is 20' x 30' Standard beams are produced to A36/SA36 Standard beams are produced to A36/SA36.

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